10 Career Resolutions You Should Make this 2013


This year, don’t just plan to hit the treadmill more. Promise to get your career in a better shape, too.

It’s that time of the year again when many have their New Year resolutions laid out with promises to lose weight, quit smoking and have more savings. But for some people, this is an opportunity to overhaul their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and make plans on how to advance in their careers. If you are aiming for a promotion, looking for a new job, or considering a career shift, here are 10 career helpful resolutions that you can rock this year.

1. Learn from 2012

What did you do or did not do last 2012 that slowed down your progress? Review the past year and list down what worked and create a 2013 business plan in accordance, not only with your personal goals, but also the company’s. Ask yourself, “What does the company want you to accomplish?” Make sure to communicate these goals to your managers and let them know whenever you accomplish them.

2. Take a weekend class

Getting back to education doesn’t mean taking another college degree. Taking a career-related class in your spare time is a valuable investment.

3. Expand your network

When you meet important people, don’t just rest on keeping their business cards. Make sure to follow through and get in touch regularly. Take advantage of the holidays. Clean up your LinkedIn profile, add more connections, and introduce yourself and the business whenever you can.

4. Communicate with existing contacts

A fun way to identify your strengths and weaknesses is to get you grilled by a friend in the Recruitment industry.  Get some honest feedback from your friends. Interview your colleagues or pick their brains to get some useful ideas for your business plan.

5. Apply to online job portals

For fresh grads, it is important to get a fish eye view of the available jobs in their chosen career. What are the high-paying jobs right now? Will these types of jobs provide good opportunities for career growth and personal security? While general job hunting sites will give you a broad choice of jobs, industry-specific websites likeWeRK.PH will give you a focused list of jobs that you may be interested in. Create a complete profile, upload a professional photo and start applying for jobs at WeRK.PH.

6. Keep a list of your accomplishments

Have your list of accomplishments ready so whenever someone resigns and there comes an opportunity to fill a spot, you can easily raise your hand and articulate why you deserve the position.

7. Stop complaining and work harder

Save your energy. Instead of wasting time passing the blame to others, utilize your time to think of ways on how to remedy the situation and start working on it the minute you become prepared.

8. Be creative

When things get out of hand and you feel a little lost, maybe its time to do something creative that makes you feel in control. For example, learn to play a musical instrument. It will help you regain your confidence and express yourself more.

9. Do more than what is required

One of the most common mistakes that an employee do is to limit himself according to his job description. Make the bosses say ‘wow’ by taking initiative. It’s one way to impress your managers. Separate yourself from the pack by doing extra tasks.

10. Take a vacation

People are more efficient and creative at their jobs when they maximize their vacation time. Plan ahead and enjoy because all work, no play makes you a dull person.