[24/7] Celebrates its First LMVP Awards


MANILA, Philippines – 24/7, a prominent brand in the IT-BPM Industry recently launched an awards night for their crème of the crop. Dubbed as the LMVP Awards (League of Most Valuable Performers), it is aimed at alleviating the morale of their employees by recognizing their efforts and best performance. Top performers of each department the resource units from HR to Technology and Quality are gathered in this celebration.

Held last August 12, 2016, at the Bay Leaf Pavilion at Mc Kinley Hills in Taguig City, the event gathered the top performers from the different 24/7 sites in the metro. The LMVP recognition encompasses all facets of operations – from operations to higher management.

Eleazar Basila has been faithful to 24/7 for the past six years and six months. He is currently a Team Leader Apprentice and shared his transition experience from being an agent to his present leadership role. “I didn’t like the idea of being a TL before, I am quite hesitant about the responsibilities. The company has given me all the opportunities by giving me tasks on a gradual basis until I was able to realize all the learning opportunities.”


Ely loves his job and looks forward to continuous growth in the company.

Eli, as he is fondly called by his peers is also a Presidential Award recipient, a prestigious honor given only to the best of the best. He has been a TL apprentice for one year and is hopeful that he will be formally inducted as a Team Lead anytime this year.

Previous LMVP Awards were conducted in their respective sites. The event at the Bay Leaf Pavilion was the first to be held outside the office. Eli also shared that this transpired because of a suggestion by one of the awardees to have a “star magic” style of presentation.




Generous prizes themed after 24/7 were given away to contests winners. A trivia quiz segment awarded 2,000 worth of GCs to the third place winner, 4,000 for the second place, and a good 7,000 for the grand winner.  The venue was opened for party after the awarding ceremonies. The LMVP Awards is a great opportunity for members to unwind and celebrate their achievements.

Anna Agregado has a very colorful career at 24/7. She has a ten-year tenure and is currently a recruitment manager.  Anna is also a recipient of the LMVP Awards, according to her: “Even the managers are not forgotten – we award all the way to senior managers.” Asked about her views of 24/7, she inspiringly replied: “A lot of companies out there focus a lot on performance, here, it’s a balance of performance and attitude, that’s what differentiates us from them.”

lmvp awards

Anna (left) with her sister Connie. They both consider 24/7 as their second home

According to Anna, despite the rapid growth of the company, it has continuously provided for its employees. This is what she has to share for LMVP aspirants: “You really have to work hard to be here. You really need to have a good attitude to be able to achieve being an LMVP. Be collaborative and transparent. Practice the values of the company, teamwork is very important – you can never do it alone.”


The evening was capped by loud party sounds and everyone had a great time. 24/7’s main goal is to promote work-life balance, an event like the LMVP is an excellent way to unwind and celebrate the triumph. The LMVP Awards can be considered as a stepping stone towards career growth. It acts as a pool of talents that is ready to tap whenever a need for new leadership arises.