Daddy is a Boss


The pillar of the home, the provider, the man of the house, we call him with accolades for a job well done in raising the family with his inspiration, experience, and down the line, authoritative traits. Here’s a tribute to all fathers on Father’s Day. The fathers and leaders of TeleDevelopment and BPO Career Hub sharing their thoughts and insights on fatherhood.


John Constantino268597b.jpg

Country Manager, TeleDevelopment

Gadgets are strictly off-limits during school days and study time but every good deed is always rewarded from the things they need to leisure travels. His daughter Isabelle is 8 years old and he wants his daughter to look up to him as a role model, inculcating relevant traits she will use to gauge her future partner. Supporting his daughter for every endeavor is on the top of his list.  “As parents, we are just enablers, it’s up to them to pursue it” he added. As soon as he steps out of the office, he makes sure to leave everything there so during weekends, John makes sure that he cooks for his family and spends time with them.


George Ramossir_george.jpg

AVP for Learning and Development, TeleDevelopment

Focus and discipline are among the focal points in George’s approach to fatherhood.  In terms of time management, “working smartly” is a great advice given by George, he stressed the relevance of giving enough time for family by doing his job efficiently.



Eric ButlerEric.jpg

Account Manager, TeleDevelopment

Eric is a soon-to-be father, his excitement is evident on his eyes as he looks forward to another phase in his life. There are a lot of things that he is preparing for, from moving to a bigger space to buying new equipment for the baby.  He wants to be a fun dad, he and his wife loves to immerse their child in sports and inculcate the value of respect.





Healthcare Trainer, TeleDevelopment

TeleDevelopment’s resident doctor gave his discernments on being the man of the house. Aside from his profession, Doc Eric is also a member of the group Daddy’s Home of the Philippine X-Factor fame. He considers himself as a cosmopolitan father to his seven-year-old boy.  He conferred that his life changed dramatically when his son was born; making him work double time to answer to his family’s needs. “I am a stern father but I am a friend to my son” shared the singing doctor who believes that a decent amount of time provided to children fosters kinship.


Raffy Maramagsir_raffy.jpg

Head of Sales and Operations, BPO Career Hub

“I want my children to become the best versions of themselves.” Raffy raises his children with adequate blend of leniency and discipline focused on the Ten Commandments. “The concept of right and wrong is absolutely dependent on the person who decides, there is no right or wrong decision, there is only the decision to be made.” With such he imparts on his children that whenever in doubt, always refer to the commandments. He believes that each generation should surpass the quality of life their parents brought them up with – a guiding principle he inherited from his great-grandmother. The question of who is his favorite among his three kids has always roused his ire as he is a strong believer of respect, equality, and humility.  He once struggled to maintain a work life balance but overcame it by treating his co-workers and subordinates as part of his family.


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