5 Signs That You Have to Join Our Online Job Fair


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You are looking for the best tech-savvy talents. 

Ahead of other virtual career fairs, Online Job Fairs make it easier for companies to hire the right job candidate with equally the right amount of technological savvy and flexibility. Participants will be able to capture the most appropriate prospect to suit their company’s needs, equipped with the basic and advanced computer know-how and proficiency.

You are on a budget – but still looking for value.

Companies can get real value for money with Online Job Fairs. Companies like WeRK.PH, with price ranges already half than that of its competitors, offer the best value-added services using multi-channel and multi-platform solutions that can target the job candidate that’s best for the job fair participants. Some even use efficient assessments to get them the best recruits, all while giving more cost-efficient returns and further savings on the package.

You can’t be bothered to go outside and attend job fairs. (Because you have other things to do.) 

Online Job Fair participants get the best chance in attracting a larger pool of candidates – without the need to post a costly career ad or leave the comforts of their office to set up booths and standees and other advertising collaterals. Plus, they get the opportunity to conduct multiple engagements with prospect candidates or job seekers at their least consuming and most convenient time. And with the virtual hoopla we expect, companies can further build brand awareness, making their corporate image more cool, hip and young.

The boss wants quantifiable metrics. 

Make sure that the database of applicants of the online job fair are active – meaning they can be contacted and are open to new job opportunities. Make sure that when you join an online job fair, they will provide you with the most suitable and precise metrics and numbers they can quantify and measure on. Reach, Impressions, Conversions, Clickthroughs etc.

You want to try something new. 

Online Job Fairs like those of WeRK.PH are more than the usual. They are relatively new and fresh to the industry and we have a lot (and loads) to offer, unlike the run-of-the-mill, same-old, same-old career portals in the digital recruiting market. With WeRK.ph, their multi-channel, multi-platform approach is more engaged and gamified. We have cutting-edge IT assessment solutions, plus top-of-the-line, all-four-skills language assessment tools. We offer clear-cut social media targeting and analytics to grasp the most qualified talents with the best skills out there.


WeRK.ph, a multi-channel, multi-platform digital recruitment marketing solutions provider, is all set to conduct its 2017 Online Job Fair, which is expected to benefit forward thinking human resources departments and recruiters. Here are some signs why HR specialists and recruitment departments really have to join our Online Job Fair. For more info, please contact WeRK at marketing@werk.ph or marketing@teledevelopment.com or dial (02)631-8230/(+632)631-8230.