7 Things We Can Learn from the Miss Universe Pageant 2015

PIA WURTZBACH. Photo courtesy of www.missuniverse.com

PIA WURTZBACH. Photo courtesy of www.missuniverse.com

December 21, 2015 -our nation rejoiced after winning the Miss Universe Pageant 2015 after 42 long years. What made it more eventful was the very “unconventional” way it was presented to millions of viewers worldwide. (You know what we are talking about, unless you live in a rock).

On top of our heartfelt congratulations and pride, we will not fail to recognize very important life lessons that the Miss Universe Pageant 2015 unknowingly imparted to us. Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, thank you for being an inspiration! What you have gone through was difficult but definitely priceless.

Most of all, thank you for giving us Filipinos a reason to rejoice, on a MONDAY, no less!

Here are the 7 very important lessons we have from Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s Victory:

1. Focus your eyes on the prize

Wanting something so bad affects our actions towards achieving it. When everything seems so hard and you find yourself asking, “Why am I doing this?,” gently remind yourself about your goals and objectives. That way, you slowly gain focus and keep going forward.

This declaration from Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is pretty straightforward. Not a lot of people can take this kind of pressure but she said it anyway so look who’s reaping the rewards now.

2. Transform negative criticism into motivation

In life, there will always be critics. Some mean well but some are just plain mean. In which case, be a filter. Strain the bad stuff and transform it into your crystal clear motivation. When people ask, “Why are you doing it?” Answer, “Why not?”

3. Be fierce

When you are chasing greatness, you have to look the part.


Congratulations @PiaWurtzbach. For not only winning #MissUniverse2015 but becoming the last viral meme of the year 👑 pic.twitter.com/o7fD6jWsM7

— Collin Factor (@CollinFactor) December 21, 2015

4. Life rewards hard work

What Pia Wurtzbach had been through is no walk in the park. Any person who has gone through pageants would know. Amid the glitz, camera flashes, and glamour are sleepless nights and exhaustion from training, research, and early morning call-times, among others.   In most cases, you simply get what you give. Whatever it is that you set your heart into, make sure to give it your all.  Miss universe 2015 gif

5. Third time’s a charm; never give up on your dreams

6. To err is human, to forgive, divine

Enough said.

Mistakes happen and people get hurt in the process. If you happen to be a part of the casualty, allow yourself to get hurt for a while but then you have to pick yourself up again, forgive, and move on.

7. Accept everything with grace and humility

Life is full of dynamics. It can give you happiness but it can also cause you great pain. We are amazed by how Miss Colombia remained strong all throughout the ordeal. Makes you think of all those times when you thought you almost have it but then life swoops in and tells you it isn’t yours -jobs, awards, love, etc. Ah, life.