BLOG: Best job search tips


Here are the best job search tips from career experts for job seekers who are starting a job search or who want to get their job search moving.

If there’s anything on the list that you’re not incorporating in your job search, consider giving it a try. Given the job market, it makes sense to include as many different job hunting initiatives as possible in your job search.

Do you have a job search strategy that worked really well for you? Add your job search tip to the list.

Best Job Search Tips
Use Your Cover Letter to Your Advantage. Your cover letter is particularly important. It’s the job searcher’s opportunity to help the potential employer see that the applicant’s skills and experience match what the employer seeks. In the current economic climate, with the scarcity of jobs, a well-written cover letter distinguishes your application.

Get on Twitter. Use Twitter to demonstrate your professional expertise and draw the attention of people in your industry who will want to hire you. At the same time, actively reach out to those kinds of people by following and networking with industry recruiters and other insiders.

Build or Enhance Your Personal Brand. My recommendation to all job seekers would be to focus on building, or enhancing, their personal brand. Attract potential employers to you rather than reaching out to them. That puts job seekers in a much better negotiating position that the reverse, even in a tough economy.

Don’t be Hunter… Become the Hunted. Hire a personal branding consultant to manage your professional identity such that you become a high priority target for headhunters, recruiters, and HR representatives. Don’t fall prey to herd mentality and become just one of many who post resumes online and respond to cold ads. If you manage your personal brand properly you will develop a constant stream of inbound inquiries with regard to new opportunities.

Google Yourself. Put positive and branded professional content under your name and Google yourself everyday.

Start a Blog. It’s a fact that companies and organizations are employing social media in the recruiting process, especially to reach their most elusive demographic – Generation Y. To stand out online, you’re going to need more than a Facebook or LinkedIn account. So start a blog. Bloggers are the Internet’s thought leaders. If you can establish yourself as an online authority in your field, you’re a step ahead of other online candidates who are doing the bare minimum.

Think Outside and Inside the Box. Think outside and inside the Box (that computer screen in front of you, that is). In other words, you need to diversify the way you market yourself, whether it’s online at job boards, or at social network sites like Twitter or LinkedIn; or offline at campus recruitment opportunities, job fairs, networking events in your field, or spreading the word to friends. The more ways in which you get the word out that you’re looking, the more potential jobs you’ll hear about.

Rely on Your Professional Network to try and get inside information for future openings or current openings. Of course if you have a LinkedIn profile you will want to ensure your profile is up-to-date and is robust, fully completed, and full of industry keywords that draw attention to your skills and accomplishments. Highlight areas where you can provide added value if you were to be hired.