Blended AI, Chatbots for CX 2019


Blended-AI-chatbots-CX2019b.jpg (1024×535)Chatbots help human agents become more effective. These include predicting intent, suggesting responses, taking actions, replying automatically, and handling standard workflows.


How Blended AI, Chatbots and Human Agents
can Improve Your Customer Experience in 2019


MANILA, 3 January 2019 — Customer service organizations are increasingly turning to contact-center automation to better serve their clients. Primarily, these involve chatbots or virtual agents harnessing artificial intelligence, together with human agents working to resolve issues seamlessly.

In the e-book Blending AI with Agents, bots and agents help one another for customers to reap the benefits.

Quoting a PriceWaterhouseCoopers study, it said 59% of customers might walk away from several bad experiences. Meanwhile, 17% could walk away after just one bad experience.

It also cited the results of blended AI such as better experiences for customers and reduced customer service costs. Moreover, it said blended AI can handle increased interaction volume without adding more staff.

“While the promise of blended AI is enormous … unlocking that promise requires the perfect balance of automation and human assistance. And for that, you’ll need just the right chatbot and integrated chat platform,” the e-book said.

Chatbot Advantage

Chatbots, in particular, can help human agents become more effective. These include predicting intent, suggesting responses, taking actions, replying automatically, and handling standard workflows.

Agents, meanwhile, can train chatbots by tagging conversations and providing transcripts that bots can use. Hence, humans and bots can better understand customer intent and deliver more helpful responses.

Customers benefit from AI-powered blended bot-agent experiences, ensuring that customers don’t need to repeat themselves, the report said.

“Personalized experiences across digital marketing sales and service facilitate holistic journeys,” the said. With this, human agents can enhance their skills and focus on high-value interactions where bots can automate simpler tasks.

Hence, real-time context on customer behavior and journeys will enable agents to pick up where bots leave off.

With customer relationship management and help-desk integration, agents can view, edit, and create new CRM records within the console. Therefore, the smooth transition eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between systems.

“More interactions can be handled more efficiently thanks to an integrated virtual agent and chat strategy. Collaborative tagging powers workflow automation while training bots to continuously improve predictive models. The result: overall improvement in agent productivity,” the e-book added.

Bots and Chatpath

As customers share positive experiences with social media followers, they are even willing to pay more for a great experience. Specifically, top customer priorities include first-contact and quick resolutions, as well as friendly human agents.

In choosing between delivering a faster, easier experience or a more personalized experience, more customers choose the former.

For one, can help businesses with their chatbot solutions for better customer experience.

With our ChatPath and other support solutions, companies can reap higher benefits in an AI-driven industry.

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