The BPO Industry and the Upcoming Duterte Administration


With a few days left before the 16th president assumes office, the country is overwhelmed with expectations as the tough-talking President is on the limelight to deliver his promise. The BPO business is among those industries on an eager standby for the next developments.

According to an economy expert, revenue-wise, the BPO industry is heads on in taking the lead against international remittance coming from our overseas foreign workers. The demand for an able workforce is at a constant pace, regardless of who sits in Malacañang, this industry will flourish. It is however imperative that adequate support is provided.


The Philippine IT-BPM Industry consistently growing at 12% per year.

Source: IBPAP


On Crime, Drugs, and Corruption

The “punisher” as one of his many monikers, blatantly shows his abhorrence for drugs, crime, and corruption. As with this premise, most BPO jobs require a graveyard shift. That being said, there is a good percentage of employees who are on their toes every time they go to and come home from work, this is also another reason for attrition. Duterte’s platform of ridding the streets of unscrupulous elements will definitely boost their performance and accordingly translate to productivity.


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Should corruption be minimized and even hopefully eradicated from the system, it goes without telling the implications it can bring to the citizenry, the industries, and the economy. The Philippines can easily become bigger than Singapore in terms of being Asia’s economic hub with a lot of resources at its appropriate disposal. With this realized, investors will come in – by the numbers. Being eight on the list ( of the top destination for offshoring services, the Philippines can rise up to the ranks in lesser time than expected.

The Philippine Federal Government

President Duterte is keen on pushing for a Federal type of government which will give autonomy and more administrative powers to the local governments. Investors will have an array of options in deploying their industries around the Philippines, jobs will be available in the provinces and Manila will be deprived of its imperial status. Distributing opportunities will decongest traffic in Manila where able laborers from around the country flock to seek for a greener pasture. The green pasture this time will be accessible from where the talents are. Addressing the disastrous traffic situation in the Metro can be apprehended gradually and there is no quick fix, as per his statement in one of the Presidential debates.

Federalism is a good idea but the BPO Industry will thrive nevertheless without the change in form of government. Our overwhelming pool of talent will suffice to strengthen the industry. Political will is more important in this upcoming administration to see through its promise of change.

The Rise of Mindanao

A major factor that affects foreign investments is security, aside from the obvious requisite of ample infrastructure. Rodrigo Roa Duterte made history by being the first President who hailed from the southern part of the archipelago. Can peace in Mindanao be finally realized? No one knows for certain but the odds are good according to sources. He has expressly suggested the modernization and the dramatic improvement of the province. Peace negotiations are on their way and this untamed land can rise up and potentially become another major economic hub of the Philippines.

Duterte’s Mouth

His words get the better of some people, and there are those who despise him for it. An Australian investor withdrew from investing in the Philippines due to the remarks he made in one of his campaign sorties. The “joke” he blurted out referring to a raped Australian national in the late ‘80s already had its degrading consequence. His most current debacle with the journalists and media will be like wildfire in the upcoming days. He is portrayed as a man of action, let’s just all hope that it is indeed true that his actions will be more powerful than his words.


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Running on its third decade in the country, the BPO industry has seen through four presidents, Duterte being the fifth. In one of his speeches, he declared that “if something is not broken, why fix it?” – this refers to the economic structure he will inherit from President Aquino.

Connectivity, Infrastructure, and Quality

With the current recruitment situation wherein only 10-8% out of 100 applicants are handed a job offer, it is the quality of the talent that needs to be addressed. IBPAP projects that there will be 1.3 million jobs in the BPO industry by this year, given the ratio, there is still a magnitude of applicants who will struggle to join the labor force.


Graduates are not adept and ready to meet the requirements of the employers in terms of English proficiency

Source: IBPAP

With the K-12 included among Duterte’s platform, we can expect our labor force intensified. Not to overanalyze the situation but in practical terms, this will render spending power throughout the social classes. Teachers are to expect a major increment in their salary, paving way for more qualified educators and conversely attract more students to take up a degree in Education. A trickle-down effect can be expected if quality over quantity is prioritized in education producing more capable and prepared graduates.

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The President earlier warned the top telecommunication companies to improve their services or suffer consequences, this most welcome pronouncement is what most are fervently anticipating. Moreover, a society bereaved of corruption will see the rise of a prolific system that will see industries grow, more job opportunities, security, and stability.




The views herein are but presumptions of outcomes based on the platforms presented during the recent presidential campaign and also from industry experts interviewed.

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