Career CAravan BPO


A: The CAREER CARAVAN is the first “online and on-site” job-hunting and talent sourcing activity organized and managed by WeRK.PH. The event(s) is usually held in partnership with the PESO (Public Employment Services Office), with the local government units (LGUs), and/or with partner State Colleges & Universities (SUCs) or Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

BCH’s intention is to make job-hunting much easier to for the jobseekers by giving them the option to register and apply online  and/or attend the pre-determined CAREER CARAVAN event(s).

Q: How does this differ from a Job Fair?

A: The CAREER CARAVAN seeks to further shorten and hasten the recruitment process by providing jobseekers the opportunity to experience the “One-Day Hiring Process” via a direct interview with participating employers and/or through BCH’s Virtual Interview © facilities.


Q: How can I apply to the job openings?

A: A jobseeker with an existing MyCareerHub account may click on the DEPOSIT RESUME tab in the CAREER CARAVAN event page (ex. www.werk.ph) and follow the online registration and application instructions provided. Or, jobseekers may also directly apply to the job-openings of the companies participating in the event.

A jobseeker who is visiting and using the BCH website (www.werk.ph) for the first time will simply have to register and create his/her MyCareerHub account, verify the account via the Verification Email sent, and then proceed doing his/her online job-hunting.

Q: How can a jobseeker know the schedule of the caravan?

A: You can get event updates from the website (www.werk.ph) and/or from BCH’s social media accounts:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WerkdotPH



Q: What is the Virtual Interview?

A:  The Virtual interview is a new feature and service that enables recruiters to conduct an online interview with qualified or short-listed candidates. The recruiter can create a Private or Public Interview Event(s) and may openly or selectively invite jobseekers who can participate in the Recorded or Live interview(s).

The Virtual Interview will also allow the jobseeker to save time and resources since he/she can do the online interview(s) at his/her most convenient time and location. To participate in a Virtual Interview, the jobseeker (A) has registered and created and has an updated MyCareerHub account; (B)   has either accepted a Virtual Interview invitation from a prospective employer or has registered to a Public Virtual Interview; and (C) has immediate access to a computer with audio-video capacities and a very reliable and stable Internet connection during the scheduled Virtual Interview.