Do you think your career deserves “One More Chance?”


I just made a choice

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the trailer to the sequel of One More Chance circulating online.

Following the huge success of Basha and Popoy’s love story, Once More Chance will once again grace the Philippine Cinema “soon,” no date yet but a lot of people are clamoring to share it on social media with profound commitments to watch it with their besties and significant others.

So what is special about the One More Chance sequel trailer that earned the rave of young and old people alike?  Is it because the movie is relatable in so many levels and presents a lot of hugot lines? Is it because of the many universal truths about life, love, career, self-awareness, etc.?

Yes and yes!

To be honest, we [BPOCareerHub] are also excited to see Popoy and Basha’s life unfold in the big screen and digest the moral lessons and translate them into very useful life and career tips.

Speaking of life and career tips, here is some advice to help you decide whether to keep your current job or resign. After all, you need a career that will have you at your best. Choose wisely!

  1. Carry on when you have colleagues who inspire you to be better despite the immensely challenging and taxing environment. Let go when you’re stuck in a professional rut, especially when you are surrounded by co-workers who like pulling each other down. once more chance 3
  1. Carry on when you’re happy with your job and still find it challenging. Let go when you dread even just the thought of coming to work.

basha gif

  1. Carry on when your boss still acknowledges what you do and if you feel like you are a contributing member of the organization. Let go when you feel like you’re isolated from company milestones and major projects.

popoy gif crying

  1. Carry on when the company is open with its financial status including profits and loss but still remains to have a clear goal. Let go when you’re concerned about the financial stability of the organization without any clear information as to why.

once more chance 2

  1. Carry on when you need the resources to look for better opportunities. Let go when you find that opportunity and you’re confident that you’ll be able to do the tasks and responsibilities required by your new job.

3 month rule

  1. Carry on when you still have an idea on how to improve your habits towards work. Maybe you’re doing unnecessary thingsone more chance meme that impair your productivity and suck the motivation out of you. Let go when you have absolutely zero interest in what you do.


  1. Most of all, carry on when you’re still “you” in your job and there is still a flicker of hope and willingness to seize another day in your professional journey. Definitely let go when you’re spiraling into negativity and that you’ve lost the will to care not just about your job, but also the way you dress or act.


Every one of us deserves to have a great career where we can be happy and inspired.

To those of you who are in a crossroad right now, we hope you find what you’re looking for and may this article help you to decide if your current job deserves one more chance.


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