BLOG: Surviving the Night Shift

From what I’ve heard, the one thing that instantly repels people from exploring the BPO industry is the notorious night shift. But let me tell you: it’s not all that bad and it’s definitely manageable....

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BLOG: Investing in the Essentials

Though the BPO industry is known for allowing its employees a fairly relaxed dress code, college graduates should invest in quality corporate wardrobe workhorses now that they are forced to wear more respectable pieces...

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Since we’re on the topic of misconceptions, I’ve decided to list down the five most common BPO myths. By way of research, I asked random people what are the things they’ve heard about the industry:...

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BLOG: The Youth on the BPO Industry

Chances are, if you’re a young adult, you’ve (at one point) raised an eyebrow on the BPO industry. Think of it this way: you graduated with a degree in your field of choice and you have certain expectations...

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BLOG: Up the Corporate Ladder

GettyImages (credit: John Lund)

The past months of March, April and May does not only signify summer, but the annual surge of graduation rites. With the numerous students graduating from colleges and universities,...

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BLOG: Why choose WeRK.PH?

With the rapid pace of technological advancements, it’s easier to have access to computers and the Internet whether it’s for personal use or for professional growth. Previously, job seekers turn to the newspaper...

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BLOG: Cover Letter Guide

Your cover letter should address three general issues:

    First Paragraph – Why you are writing
    Middle Paragraphs – What you have to offer
    Concluding Paragraph – How you will follow-up

Why You Are Writing...

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