Companies with Engaged Workers Outperform Competitors by 202%

Engaged: Happy Employee, Happy Company

ENGAGED: Happy Employee 
Makes for Happier Company Companies with Engaged Workers 
Outperform Competitors by 202%


MANILA, 15 September 2017 — A happy wife means a happier life. A happy, engaged employee...

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4 Skills Test Vital in Hiring Process

MANILA, 8 September 2017 — Assessing all four English language skills during the hiring process is important, and this is where Versant’s newest 4 Skills iteration for corporate clients comes in. After ...

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Voice Processing, Voice Response Unit

Voice Processing: It is defined as the technology that allows computers to speak, store human voices, and react to human speech. It is a blanket term that refers to any combination of voice processing technologies, ...

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Speech Recognition


Speech Recognition: The computerized analysis of spoken words in order toidentify the speaker, as in security systems, or to respond tovoiced commands: the analysis ...

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