What’s on Your Christmas Wishlist?


Ever thought about your Christmas wishlist yet for your upcoming company Christmas party?

christmas wishlist

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It is that time of the year when employees are anxious about their upcoming 13th-month pay and the few lucky ones who will receive bonuses on top of it. To some, it is another savings opportunity or a time to be generous come Christmas. To others, it will somehow shave off the mounting bills and debts. Wherever you put your money to, receiving your Christmas bonus always paints a wide smile on your face. You should nevertheless always keep in mind to spare some for the monito/monita.

Monito/Monita Codenames

Something to look out for during this season is the company Christmas party where the traditional “exchange gift” reveals an office mate’s generosity or stinginess. Usually, before the scheduled company Christmas party, a list – “wishlist” is posted for your monito to have a clue of what you want to receive. The minimum amount for the gift is decided via popular vote. To add excitement to the spirit of fun, your chosen monito/monita will come by an alias or a codename.

christmas wishlist codenames

If you fortunately picked up someone with this name: “Ki Ka-rim Chi-ri-ku Zu-mo-ar-iari,” better prepare.

The codenames can actually be a giveaway to your monito’s identity. One manager had a codename: “terminator” and one disgruntled employee had “unhappilymanaged”.  On one side, these Christmas wish list code names bring out the creativity of an employee. Let’s name a few:  Kiko Matsing, Unscrewed Driver, Pink Ranger, NBSB34, Bikining Itim, etc., etc.

Common Wishlist Items

The wishlist, however, also gives us a better clue of the type of person your monito/monita is. For example:

A well-specified kind of USB flash drive means it came from an IT guy – USB Power Deliver revision 2.0 (version 1.2)

Know someone who recently became a parent? Chances are, they will be looking for the following – baby dress (baby’s gender included), feeding bottles, baby bath kit, baby toys, diapers(with specified size), etc.

Parents will go for things for their kids – Dora dress for a four-year-old, educational toys for boys, coloring books, school kit, etc.

Car pillows, tool kit, car fresheners, and you have a grease monkey as monito.

Those that go for GCs and cash reflect someone who is a practical person. It could also mean that he/she is so cramped up with work that thinking for a gift is such a difficult task.

Necktie? Undershirt? Look no further, the business development or sales team are waving their hands.

Who doesn’t know the boss? He/She usually has the most outstanding demand for a gift. This, however, depends on the personality. Conversely, there are the type of bosses who ask for the simplest gifts.

How to Shop for your Wishlist

Most of the time, people go for the price. They faithfully follow the threshold amount and the gift as specified on the wishlist. They spend time scouring the mall and the tiangge to look for an item that will be within the limit and not a centavo more.

On the other hand, there will be a few who are willing to spend more and unbelievably lavish at that! They will buy all of the items on your wishlist or do a little extra like giving a wishlist item from a high-end brand. Employees from the management side are more inclined to be as such, so consider yourself lucky if they picked you.

christmas wishlist

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It is, nevertheless, important to always consider that this is the season to give. It is more important to give a gift coming from the heart. So, have a heart, it’s Christmas for crying out loud. Be more generous with the wishlist and express love!


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