The Corporate and Academe Worlds Welcome Versant


Manila, Philippines – Pearson in partnership with TeleDevelopment successfully held a forum to highlight the Versant language assessment system.  The event was divided into two parts; the morning session was attended by top BPO companies and honored members of the academe partook the event in the afternoon.

Mr. Eric Lane, Senior Manager at Pearson focused on the benefits of versant in the different facets of employment from recruitment to maintaining language proficiency at work. “It is fully automated, it only takes a few minutes to evaluate, and it takes away the human bias in assessment” – shared Eric in his presentation.

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The different products of Versant

Ms. Penny Bongato, Executive Director of IBPAP was a keynote speaker during this event wherein she shared the outlook of hiring companies from a pool of struggling applicants in terms of English competency.


The illustration shown during the event shows the fall our rate of applicants – one to even less than one for every ten applicants make it  from screening to job offer.

“Acquiring talents without human bias can be a challenge, but it does not always end there. There is also the impending struggle in CSAT scores relative to communications skills.” – shared by a recruitment manager from a prestigious BPO company.


The Afternoon Session – The Academe

The academe representatives were treated to an entirely new platform to address the deficiency of their school population in terms of English proficiency.  Almost all attendees agreed that the English Language is crucial to the future employment of their students and that they are open to such modern tools to evaluate and improve the English competency of their general population.

A representative from a well known academic institution remarked: “There are already exsisting measures in our school to supplement and hone the English proficiency of our students, but it is more often than not unable to suffice the requirements needed by the corporate world.”

Ms Penny Bongato once again took the stage as a keynote speaker and discussed the current state of English Communication and the readiness of the students for future employment.


This data shows the number of predicted outputs from different colleges and universities on a yearly basis contributing to the labor force.

Another keynote speaker, Dr. Amy Biglete, talked about the initiatives of the Government to address the the concern of the employers in relation to the English proficiency deficiency of the school and university’s graduates. In her speech she mentioned that the government aims to produce globally competitive graduates and are in coordination with the different agencies to see through this goal.

“There’s a smarter way to test your student’s English Langugage skills” was the title of the afternoon session. Here, Eric Lane presented Versant and its crucial role to communications valuation. An efficient way to gauge communication competencies will easily identify the deficiencies which will in turn provide the instructors a more focused lesson plan.

The participants were all enthusiastic to learn about this product and expressed their interest to try it out for their respective schools.


TeleDevelopment is the official distributor of the Versant product in the Philippines, it has partnered with top caliber contact centers in the country to provide an efficient and productive recruitment tool.
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