How to Use the VIRTUAL INTERVIEW (Recorded) Service:


1STEP 1:

  • Make sure you have access to a computer with a reliable Internet  connection and with a working headset

with microphone.


If you are using a personal computer, install or update the Adobe Flash Player;

If you are using a public computer, inquire if the Adobe Flash Player is installed and updated2

  • Go to to Sign-Up for or Log-In to your MyCareerHub account.


For new users, check your email Inbox for the ‘Account Verification’ mail and simply follow the account verification instructions indicated



  • From your MyCareerHub account, look for and click-on the ‘EVENT’ tab 3
  • Select and click-on the Virtual Interview event that you wish to participate in


  • Select your preferred interview date then click-on the ‘JOIN EVENT’ tab4
  • Click-on the ‘START QUIZ’ tab



If you have selected a much later interview date, simply go back to the site and log-in to your MyCareerHub and click-on the Virtual Interview event that you have selected 

5 6


  • Click the ‘ALLOW’ tab from the ‘Adobe Flash Player Settings’ pop-up 7
  • Click the ‘ALLOW’ tab from the ‘bpocareerhub would like to access your Camera and Microphone’ pop-up


Before proceeding with the VIRTUAL INTERVIEW:

  • Make sure that you are addressed appropriately
  • Check for the best camera angle and lighting
  • Double-check the volume levels of your headset and microphone

 TIP: 8

Treat the Virtual Interview like a normal face-to-face interview to make a good first impression

Click-on the ‘START’ tab when you are ready





  • Listen to the Questions carefully and answer as clearly and concisely9 as possible


There might be instances when an interview Introduction is provided before the first question is asked

  • Click-on the ‘NEXT QUESTION’ tab to listen to the next question


Click-on the ‘Repeat Question’ tab if you wish to listen to the interview question again

10Click-on the ‘Start Recording’ tab if you are ready to give your recorded reply to the interview question

  • Wait for the 5-second countdown to finish before starting your interview recording
  • Click-on the ‘LEAVE ROOM’ tab if you are done with the Virtual Interview




  • Click-on the ‘RESUME’ tab if you see a pop-up message indicating that ‘you have missed’ answering some of the questions


You will be re-directed to the interview question you missed. Simply click-on the appropriate tabs to continue with your recorded interview session