The IBPAP General Membership Assembly Meeting | Education Transformation – Journey Towards 2022


Makati, Philippines – The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) recently held its 2ndQuarter general membership assembly at the Shari-La Hotel last June 29, 2016. Sponsored by Rockwell Land, the successful event highlighted the challenges faced by the industry during the K-12 transition and the measures and means to address them. Also presented during the event are the new members of the organization.

New Members inducted during the event were:

  • Concentrix (new platinum member)
  • Crawford and Company
  • The Linde Global Services Manila
  • Sprout Solutions


The Managing Director of Asia Pacific College and a good friend of IBPAP, Ms. Tata Medado was the first guest speaker of the event. She shared her academic insights on the impending challenges brought about by the K-12 transition. “We are in the trying time in Education. We ourselves are daunted with the possibilities of what K-12 brings to us. Senior HS is not such a big deal in any other country but in the Philippines, this is something that is really more than just a transition – it’s really what we would call [a] scare, it is really scary.”The impending scarcity of harvestable talents from college will continuously reveal itself in the next four years. She shared that the initial impact of the K-12 Transition is felt by the academic institutions already losing at least a quarter of their revenue.


She called for the Industry to stand united in facing the forthcoming challenge – “We need to look for opportunities instead of just falling apart – a strategic articulation of competencies and skills, this translate to better awareness from a student’s point of view of career choices, interest, and inclinations.”

The head speaker was Ms. Kaye Agon, Senior Manager for the Finance BPO of Accenture. She presented the outcome of their case study to mitigate the imminent hiring problem. Their project entails onboarding High School Senior graduates to their roster. Steps were made from searching partner schools and reviewing the K12 curriculum to coincide with their business requirements.

As testimony to the success of the operation, Ms. Agon presented two Senior HS Graduates of the Junior college program of the Ayala Education in partnership with Emilio Aguinaldo College. Not only did this effort nurtured responsibility it also proved that these young individuals can cope up with the industry standards and be successful.

In a part of her closing remarks, Ms. Agon added – “We have four years to prepare ourselves, our industry [and] our community to accept that this change is the reality.”


Ms. Dona Co, a member of the CHED K-12 Transition Project Team discussed the government initiative to supplement the problems that faculty members are facing – unemployment. She presented “The Perfect Storm” program which aims to strengthen the link between the Industry and the Academe. It aims to provide deloaded faculty members the chance to join the Industry to better understand the business’ requirements. Fully subsidized by the government, this program will enable faculty members to impart their gained experience to fortify their student’s competencies and at the same time become productive during the teaching hiatus.

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The successful event was capped off with great interaction between members sharing their insights and views. Most companies who attended were convinced that it will be practical to hire Senior High School students in the future.



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