OJT Guide – Applying for Internship


bpo career hubAround half a million college students hunt for an internship program every year. If you are a company, imagine how many internship applicants are out there that you are going to interview. To cut the long story short, employers will not give you so much time in an interview as much as they are looking for a permanent employee. Keep in mind, you are there to be trained by them.

It is, therefore, important for you to make every second count. Here’s a quick guide on  how to stand out for your internship interview.


Catch the Interviewer’s Eye with Your Resume

It is not your physical self that will be checked first, rather, it is the piece of paper you will submit. More than your prepared spiel and appearance, it is critical that your resume is comprehensively short. Coming from a veteran HR practitioner, most interviewers do not actually go through the intricate details of what’s written in your resume. Before sitting down with an interviewer, he or she already skimmed through your resume – only looking for things that they are interested in and what their company requires.

To help you further, you may check out these tips on how to write an internship resume.

Dress Well and Appropriately

Interviewers have the skill to identify candidates through gestures and posture. It does not take much logic to assess that a  well-groomed person has exerted much effort as he/she presents him/herself – this is connected to perseverance and dedication.

It is highly unprofessional to come in for an interview with a lousy look especially if you are applying for an internship. Coming in early for a scheduled interview can actually be very beneficial as it will give you enough time to groom yourself.

Know What You Are Applying For

Regardless of you being a candidate for honors, if you do not know where you are and what you are going to do, it is as good as wasting both you and the employer’s times. Research on the company and what their industry is about and the nature of its work. This will better position your answers when asked about your competencies.

Be Ready for the Interview

Never memorize a spiel. Not only will it lead you to stutter, it will also further induce nervousness. Moreover, interviewers are quick to notice if a candidate is spontaneous or doing a declamation. That is why it is important to conduct research beforehand.

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When you apply for an internship, you are literally selling yourself. You need to make the interviewer realize that they will need the fresh skills you have acquired from school.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

Normally, an interview ends with – “Do you have any questions?” And normally, applicants would say – “None.” This part is actually an opportunity for you to learn more from the company and set your expectations. Ask your heart away, it can help ease down your tension and can be another learning prospect. I know you are thinking about the right questions to ask. It’s simple. Before heading out for an interview, have an objective, if these objectives were not discussed during the interview, then you can politely and professionally inquire. Like, “I would like to know more about how my skills will better fit the role.” Or “what can I expect on my first day?” Asking a question rings a bell for interviewers because it shows interest on your part.

Never ever ask about compensation.

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It’s Not Just You But Also Your School.

The impression you will build will also reflect the kind of students your school produces. You simply do not represent yourself but the graduating populace of your alma mater. But before you are crushed by pressure, bear in mind that your teachers/professors are there to ask. Also, there are tons of useful informative content that you can use – so do your research well.


Internship is one of the best parts of school life, it is your stepping stone towards a successful career. It is your first shot at realizing the fun and challenges of joining the labor force. If you are looking for an internship, check out the following internship programs from some of the best companies: www.werk.ph/ojtatwerk.