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What is an ‘Online Job Fair’?

An ‘Online Job Fair’ is an Internet-based version of a physical or an on-site job fair. The key difference is that

the event provides both the jobseekers and employers the convenience to connect – view and apply to jobs and

get, process, and hire talents – via BPOCareerHub’s website.


BCH will be responsible for inviting participating employers and jobseekers will simply have to go here

to see with whom they can apply to and to choose and apply to job openings

of their preference.


How can jobseekers apply?

Jobseekers will simply have to go here and log-in to their account and go to the

event-page. From there, they can view the participating companies-employers, browse through the different

job-ads, and apply to the positions that they are interested in.

Jobseekers using the services of BCH for the first time will simply have to quickly make their MyCareerHub

accounts for them to be able to apply to the different job openings of the participating companies.


How will the employers receive and process the applications?

Participating companies-employers will be given to BCH’s resume’ management system which will allow them to

receive the online resume’s and applications of jobseekers. Recruiters may then reach out to the jobseekers and

have them proceed to the next steps of the recruitment-application process.


When is the ‘1st Independence Day BCH-Online Job Fair’ going to be held?

The 1st Independence Day Online Job Fair will be from June 12-30, 2015. Promotion of the event will commence on April 28, 2015 and shall continue on until June 30, 2015.


What are the other highlights of the Online Job Fair’?

Jobseeker Pre-Registration. Jobseekers can already submit and deposit their online resumes once the

Pre-Registration period begins. Premium company-employer participants will be given early access to the resume’

databank and they can already start processing qualified candidates. The Pre-Registration period will be from

April 28 to June 11, 2015.

Diversity. Jobseekers can expect to see diverse job openings from the participating companies-employers. This should give

jobseekers more options to choose from as well as more opportunities to get hired.

Virtual Interview. BCH will be offering a virtual interview facility which will allow employers to conduct jobseeker

interviews via video-conferencing. This is another innovation created and provided by BCH to help simplify and

shorten the jobseekers’ application and the recruiters’ recruitment process.

Event Promotion. BCH will promote the event using different digital marketing mediums and through the event’s

partners. Email and text campaigns will likewise be done and promote the event to the 100,000+ jobseekers

that are already in BCH’s database.