AI Better in Screening, Hiring

MANILA, 20 October 2017 — Companies are now seeing the value of using Artificial Intelligence tools to recruit the best talents. This way, they get better in screening and hiring job candidates, and save on the cost ...

Read more, TDS Execs at Himscon 2017

Jon Kaplan, CEO of TeleDevelopment, will be one of the moderators of the 2017 edition of Himscon, the premier gathering for the healthcare information management industry.


MANILA, 13 October 2017 — Executives...

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A New Frontier in Talent Recruitment

Mobile has been disrupting talent recruitment. If one looks back 10-15 years ago, job portals were the No. 1 source of job ads. Now, the game is changing.


A New Frontier: Billy Cruz of WeRK on Disrupting
the Talent...

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Engaged: Happy Employee, Happy Company

ENGAGED: Happy Employee 
Makes for Happier Company Companies with Engaged Workers 
Outperform Competitors by 202%


MANILA, 15 September 2017 — A happy wife means a happier life. A happy, engaged employee makes...

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The ‘Relevant’ Recruiter

The ‘Relevant’ Recruiter: Enhance,
Adopt, Survive in the Digital Age


To be a “relevant” recruiter, one needs to be a marketer and brand custodian, an experience enhancer, an analytics buff, a quality adopter,...

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Mobile Recruiting and Disruptive Tech

Billy Cruz of during the recent IBPAP HR Summit 2017 at Marriot in Pasay. (Click image/YouTube screengrab to view video link)

Mobile Recruiting, Disruptive HR 
Solutions via Tech, Social Media

MANILA, 12 ...

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4 Skills Test Vital in Hiring Process

MANILA, 8 September 2017 — Assessing all four English language skills during the hiring process is important, and this is where Versant’s newest 4 Skills iteration for corporate clients comes in. After all, the ...

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