BLOG: The Youth on the BPO Industry

Chances are, if you’re a young adult, you’ve (at one point) raised an eyebrow on the BPO industry. Think of it this way: you graduated with a degree in your field of choice and you have certain expectations...

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NEWS: BCH Signs Partnership With NICP


The influx of online job portals has enabled people to access what they need when looking for a career. It has become the most efficient way to search and apply for job openings. With the rapid pace of advancements...

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BLOG: Up the Corporate Ladder

The past months of March, April and May does not only signify summer, but the annual surge of graduation rites. With the numerous students graduating from colleges and universities, there will also be an addition to ...

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Hey! I’m currently revamping my blog, but don’t forget to come back and check out the new content. Thanks, all!...

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NEWS: 43 BPO firms vie for ICT Awards

This is an article that was first posted in The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

43 BPO firms vie for ICT Awards

By Abigail L. Ho
Philippine Daily Inquirer (from here)
First Posted 21:51:00 03/27/2011

Filed Under: business...

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