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The Huge Demand for IT Professionals

By: Richa Sabharwal Chaudhary, CHRP®, AVP for Recruitment

Outlook in IT related Jobs

In 2015, the IT-BPM sector had about 1.2 million employees. Its largest sector, voice services, which encompasses call centers,...

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Career Lessons from NBA Players

Perseverance will guarantee strength, life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, learn from these NBA greats and how they succeeded in their career.

Dennis Rodman

Photo from

Dennis only stood 5’6’’...

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Ace That Interview Now!

Landing a job can be difficult, especially if you are fresh graduate. Stuttering and keeping your answers straight can be a challenge. It is nevertheless the same with seasoned candidates who often overlook simple ...

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IT-BPM Industry in the Philippines

What is the IT-BPM (Information Technology – Business Process Management) Industry in the Philippines?

Watch the video by IT Business Process Association (IBPAP) Philippines  to know more.



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