Recruiter’s Note – My Best Interview Experience


By: Eric Butler | Account Manager – TeleDevelopment Services

Here is my awkward and I guess wow interview at the same time.

As an Account Officer in recruitment, I encounter many different personalities.  One candidate that sticks out in my mind is a young man who was applying for a Customer Service Representative position back when I worked in volume hiring.  From the onset, I knew this would be a very interesting interview because he looked a bit disheveled and he proceeded to sit down for the interview wearing sunglasses.

I tend to be a pretty laid back guy so I made a cheesy comment about how his future must be so bright he needs to wear shades (those who grew up in the 80’s will understand the reference)  but I did find it to be strange.  After asking him to remove the sunglasses and him complying, I noticed his eyes were red and puffy.  I asked him if he was okay and he responded, yes.  Why?  I told him how his eyes looked and he said: “oh, no I’m okay”.  My first thought was maybe he was on drugs, but he seemed pretty coherent and there was no indication of drugs other than his eyes being red.


So, I brushed it off and moved on with the interview.  This is where it got awkward.  As I was looking down reviewing his resume I started to hear short snorting sounds.  When I looked up I was in shock that he had dozed off and had drool running from his bottom lip.  All I can think of at the time is he looks like a cartoon character.  I chuckled a bit and gave his chair a little nudge and he jerked his head and arms so hard it knocked the clipboard out of my hands and his head banged on the wall.  We both stared at each other for a few seconds, me in shock and him I guess a bit dazed from his brief power nap or slight concussion.

After snapping out of it, he was very apologetic.  Although the rest of the interview was a little awkward, I pushed through and it turns out the reason he was so sleepy is because he had been watching over his grandmother who was very ill, at the same time finishing up classes in college and had not slept much in 3 days.  He was really in need of a job to help support his family so he attended the interview on no sleep and wore the glasses because the lights bothered his eyes.  He forgot to take them off when he was called.

By the way, I did endorse him because he was a good fit for our client.  He was very appreciative.  Unfortunately, he had to withdraw his application because he moved.  I wished him and his family well.  Although that interview may be one of my most awkward it also turned out to be one of my favorite.


Eric ButlerAbout Eric Butler

I am an American Citizen and have been enjoying living in the Philippines for 2 years now.  University of Michigan Alumni – Business Management graduate. Happily married and an excited father-to-be in December.  Spent twenty years in my previous career in the restaurant industry, now striving to learn through experience and knowledge of my peers to further my career in recruitment.