Recruiter’s Note – The Struggle is Real


By Abby Gayeta – Sourcing Specialist | TeleDevelopment

My first employment was in a BPO company and I worked as a Recruitment Associate. I’ve been working in this Industry for more than three years, handling offshore and onshore accounts. My tasks were mainly sourcing and initial assessment, endorsing them to our hiring manager once they pass.

It was a tough job to hire hundreds of agents every month and to get bombarded with calls and messages from applicants every single day. One of the main challenges of recruitment is to determine where and how to acquire candidates in a short span of time. I was engaged in different sourcing strategies like giving away flyers, participating in job fairs, and recruitment events. Sometimes, I would stay longer hours in the office doing call outs and scrubbing our recruitment database. At times, I even have to work on weekends and braced through the storms to hit our targets. Sacrifices were made and family events were missed because of working overtime. The struggle IS real.

In offshore recruitment, candidates would oftentimes think that you’re a telemarketer or a debt-collector and immediately hang up on you. The culture and accent differ in every State, so patience and effective communication-understanding are important. Acquiring leads is limited to online job boards and referrals. Nights became mornings to me (bye-bye nightlife), and I was always asleep on weekends. There are only a few holidays in the US too, so we had to work during Philippine holidays.

Working in Recruitment is exhausting but rewarding at the same time. It’s boring, routinary, and mind-numbing. I get used to doing the same things over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with what I do. It is the people whom I work with that keeps me going. There’s a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction whenever I hit my targets and whenever candidates would thank me for introducing them to a new opportunity. With that, I am rewarded, I am happy, and I am contented.

About the Author

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Abby is assertive and outgoing. She likes taking challenges and she’s thrilled in doing new responsibilities. She’s outspoken and is a free spirit.







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