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OJT Guide – Applying for Internship

Around half a million college students hunt for an internship program every year. If you are a company, imagine how many internship applicants are out there that you are going to interview. To cut the long story short,...

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painful job, wrong job

Where Did We Go Wrong?

By: Jay Manahan | Business Development Director – TeleDevelopment Services

“Tell me what is your interest in our company?” an email from the CEO said and nothing else.

I ignored it for the next 24 ...

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Know Your Employment Rights

Part 1 | Types of Employment

Companies require an appropriate type or types of employment in accordance with their operational strategies. Certain industries due to its nature of work may only need more contractual...

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Career Expo 2012

Access Employment Opportunities at Career Expo 2012

Don’t miss your chance to access employment opportunities at the Career Expo 2012 by the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Job Market Online. The job fair will be ...

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