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What Keeps Me Going

By: Chylmir Vicente Aguila | RPM Account Manager – TeleDevelopment Services

A lot of people ask  what keeps me going?

People have left…. ( to seek what they think is better)

People transferred to different...

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What Kind of Leader are You?

You have been a supervisor for many years now and climbing up that ladder seems to be an illustrious dream. You, however, need to wake up . The corporate world is a wild jungle and only the strong survives. How did you become...

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Facebook As A Social Recruiting Tool

By: Raffy Maramag, Director for Sales and Operations

Consider this: there are at least 48 Million Facebook users in the Philippines updating, liking, sharing, and commenting in their respective accounts at least


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rainy days and jobhunting days

Rainy Days and Job Hunting Days


June and the rainy season is here! There are those who, after graduation immediately put their job hunting hats on and hoped to be employed to join the labor work force. Conversely, there are those who spent the


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Go Where the Talents Are

Between March 2015 to January 2016, the number of Internet users in the Philippines increased by 6.6% or an additional 2.9 million users in a span of 10 months. The total number of users is approximately 47% of the population...

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