TDS’ Digital Approach to Support the BPO Market


By: John Manzano, Country Manager | May 27, 2016

The BPO industry is closing on its almost second decade of existence and TDS has been an active member since its inception. Having the understanding of the Philippine market and its challenges, TDS has always been in the forefront of the developments in the digital age. TDS has customized digital solutions to their existing customers in the industry, just as the clients of these players are transforming, we are also helping them with their digital strategies.

For new players or start-ups, an immediate connection and understanding is needed to help source and build the initial team in the Philippines. There is a new phase in building organizations, which must use tools and platforms to either recruit the right talent or facilitate knowledge sharing and employee interactions.

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In the field of recruitment, TDS is at the forefront of doing digital marketing recruitment for companies that either want to start up or expand their workforce. 10 years ago, the battle for sourcing was in local newspaper ads and big billboards that increases cost per acquisition. In the Philippines, a typical job ad, half page in a local newspaper would be around USD12,000. Add another billboard in the city easily coughs up another USD12,000.00. In using our digital marketing recruitment approach, we have substantially decreased this cost by half without sacrificing the expected output of enticing applicants and getting more leads.  By going digital, KPI’s are easily put in place and measured real time.


TDS understands that recruitment marketing strategies and processes vary widely in the Philippines. – as every organization has specific needs that require a different approach to attracting and engaging candidates. There are, however, a number of pillars that are commonly executed. In our digital marketing approach, we do the following:

  • Internet-Web Content Marketing – building content as possible reference for candidates about the company, the job, etc., this also helps drive SEO marketing and advertisement
  • Candidate Relationship Management – nurturing part that applies to even passive candidates
  • Social Media Marketing – branding and presence in relevant social media channels which the country has a huge awareness and familiarity
  • Employer Brand Management – in the Philippines, reputation and branding is important and a key influencer in making a decision to join

Our said approach has produced great results for our partners not only helping them fill their ramp requirements ahead of time but also lowered their acquisition cost by at least 20%. A couple of sample business cases and results were:



TDS’ Digital Learning

In our effort to also revisit how we can digitize our training approaches, TDS reviewed and revisited a lot of our existing and previous engagements in training. We reached out to them and revisited some of their challenges and requirements. Our findings indicate that these organizations don’t sufficiently deploy the full array of learning tools, methods, and approaches that are presently available. They report that classroom training, experiential learning, and the on-the-job application of skills were in regular use. But less than half of the organizations avail themselves of peer and self-directed learning, educational initiatives that take participants outside their comfort zones, or risk-free learning environments. About one-third of the response reported that their organizations lack systems to share learning among employees.

In TDS, we believe that digital transformation starts with the employees. If the employees are aware of digital approaches, we believe that it also translates on their approaches and understanding of the digital customer.  Our approach in training focuses on the following:

  1. Training class experience – that has huge impact in terms of engagement and faster learning curves to collaborative exercises. We simply push some of our exercises in social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even twitter
  2. Mobile platforms – free collaborative apps like buckets is an example where exercises, learning checks, and group business case collaboration are possible
  3. Culture of learning – again using Social, Mobile, and Analytics provide continuous improvement to further enhance training modules and improve trainer facilitation classes that are pro-active. As an example, we leverage on twitter – when we start with a class, the trainer requests his class to follow him. Topics can be given in advance and shared by the Trainor, feedback on topics that need to be revisited / clarified can be twitted whereby the Trainor and Training manager having a view of this to update, change and revisit modules real time.

Digital training brings a huge opportunity to transform learning and address some of its current shortcomings.  What we found very successful, is the fact that the content of learning is moving it to the desired platform of your audience or class, may it be in social, mobile or even to the cloud, becoming accessible across multiple devices and teaching environments and often being generated, shared, and continually updated by users themselves. Successfully navigating the coming transformation will require not just a shift in tools and approaches but also an agile, engaged organization and dedicated leaders that will help push this changes and approaches.

Our expertise on recruitment and training is guaranteed to help startups realize their goals toward success. We have worked hand in hand with most of the top BPO players throughout the years, and with that proficient experience in hand, we are sure that we can provide you with the same.


TeleDevelopment has helped the big BPO players in starting up their companies through talent acquisition, enhancing performance, and optimizing resources. Our services include BPO Consulting, Recruitment, Healthcare, Training and Consultancy, Talent Assessment, Managed Support Services, Vendor Management, Corporate Learning and Development, and Global BPO Support Solutions.

Our global experience, local expertise and client-centric tactics to finding ingenious solutions to business challenges have given our BPO service provider and contact center partners a substantial edge in establishing, building, and optimizing their global operations’ performance, capability, and success.

Whether you are starting out, looking for the best talent, entering new markets, reducing costs, aiming for efficiency, improving performance, enhancing profitability or leaping ahead of the competition, TDS can work hand-in-hand with you in taking your business to the next level.

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