What I Tell my Daughter (The Best and Worst About Being a Recruiter)


By Darwin Troy Avila | Account Manager Executive Search – TeleDevelopment Services

My daughter is at an age where she is very curious about the world around her. Naturally, she wants to know where daddy goes every day and often asks me what it is that I do. To put it simply I always mention that as a recruiter I help people find jobs and explain as best as I could some of the nuances that my job entails and more often than not this litany is enough for her to lose interest and resume whatever it was she was doing before. But about a month ago she approached me as I was answering a few e-mails and asked, “Dad are you happy with what you do?”. To which I murmured “Yes, I am” and brushed the question aside. A few hours later, as I was watching my daughter take a nap, the gravity of her question suddenly weighed on me. What do I really feel about my job as a recruiter?



Dad are you happy with what you do?

Dad are you happy with what you do?

The Challenges

Most of the time the job of a recruiter can be best described as “challenging” and being in this role for more than a couple of years now I can list down some of the worst things that a person in this job face regularly such as:

  • Failure and rejection almost on a daily basis
  • Having a candidate back out on an offer after they’ve signed
  • Having a candidate pass the whole interview process only to be told the budget hasn’t been approved
  • Having to apologize for something that may not be your fault
  • Having to hit stretching KPIs
  • Lots of stress
  • Having to manage wild expectations

The Feel Good

But the absolute worst and hardest part of being a recruiter is telling a candidate, who is very eager and excited about the prospect of joining a company, that they didn’t pass the interview. Conversely, though, when telling a candidate that they passed all the interviews and is being offered the role, is the best part of recruitment. Hence, looking back I can say that the best things I have experience as a recruiter outweigh the worst and some of them are:

  • Touching people’s lives by finding them good jobs
  •  Receiving client and candidate commendation
  •  Develop knowledge and expertise in a particular industry
  •  Financial incentives
  •  Quick career progression
  •  Feeling like you’re running your own business
  •  Meet some great people
  •  Build a huge personal network
  •  Development of your business acumen

Maybe the coolest thing about being a recruiter is that this is a job where you actually make good things happen. For instance, the candidate is reluctant to go on an interview, but through your influencing skills they reluctantly go along, do fantastically well, love the job, and get hired! Or the client won’t see your top talent because of something they spotted in the resume, but you persist, explaining the person is better than the paper, the client relents and your talent gets the job, gets promoted and in time becomes your client!

Another busy day in the office

Another busy day in the office

As my daughter stirred from her slumber my mind wandered from the present to her future. If she tried to pursue a career as a Recruiter will I advise against it? Maybe, maybe not, one thing I’m certain of is that this Recruiter was, is and will always try to make an impact on as many people’s lives as possible. Hoping that one day when she’s all grown up and is out there exploring the job market that she comes across a Recruiter that takes her closer to the job of her dreams. But for now, I’m happy watching her sleep and that my job as a Recruiter provides a comfortable living for my family.


Darwin Troy Avila has been in Executive Search Recruitment for 4 years already and has an extensive background in sales. He is married and has 1 child named Sophia Alessandra. Check out where Darwin works at www.teledevelopment.com