NEWS: The Offshore Outsourcing Philippines Edge


With the economy of the US in decline these past years, it’s tough to stay in the game. Many businesses find themselves losing more than what they earn. And guess where the big costs come from? That’s right, from operating the business itself. And that consists of tasks that are often underutilized or too time-consuming. That’s the reason some companies find offshore outsourcing. And when it comes to offshore outsourcing, Philippines is a good place to start.

In the past, India is lord of offshore outsourcing. But given the rising costs, and issues of quality, especially in the voice-based sector, many firms are pulling out and moving the the Philippines.

Offshore Outsourcing Philippines 

Cost-effectiveness aside, there are also additional benefits on why offshore outsourcing in Philippines is the best.

First of all, there is a large pool of talented professionals in the country. They are highly-trained and are experts in their respective fields. Companies can then leave the job to them and concentrate more on how to improve its business. Using offshore outsourcing in Philippines would also provide flexibility for client companies in terms of selecting, hiring, and managing the workers.

In addition, Philippines have one of the best access to knowledge-based jobs. IT professionals from the country are considered to be at par with the world’s finest. From web content writers and online marketers to software designers, they have proven themselves to be among the very best.

Language and culture is also not a problem when dealing with US and European clients. As a Spanish and US colony for four decades, Philippines has a very close cultural affinity to foreigners. In fact, it is the most westernized nation in Southeast Asia. Filipinos enjoy many foreign forms of entertainment, like books, magazines, movies, and songs. Given the influence of these media, it is only natural that many of them can speak English well and can relate to the lifestyles and trends of western countries.

Given the above benefits, the offshore outsourcing Philippines is currently engaged in will go further as US and European companies look for better ways to improve their business.

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