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(Article originally appeared in Philippine STAR’s Career Guide.) 

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From left to right: Kelvin Villafuerte (BCH Marketing Manager), Vanessa Racimo (Career Guide Account Manager), Arlyn Cervañez (Classifinder Manager), Jon Kaplan (TDS CEO), Judy Whisenhunt (TDS COO), and Raffy Maramag (BCH Director for Sales and Operation)

You’re waiting for a call. A call that would answer months of prayers and inquiries. A call that would give meaning to the time, effort and resources you’ve given going to and presenting yourself in every job interview. And when the call finally comes only to inform you that you have not been accepted for the position, it gets heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time.

Traditional job hunting has become equally tedious and stressful for the unemployed in recent years. With the tight competition for limited employment slots in the job market, traditional approaches to finding a job just doesn’t work to their advantage anymore.

Even employers couldn’t agree more; all the booths in job fairs, ads in newspapers and bulletin boards aren’t just enough to get the word out and attract qualified applicants. And if they do turn up, it’s most likely that only a few qualified ones would make the cut. Demand and costs are high but supply is relatively low.

“Today, traditional recruiting activities are very challenged, so you have to think about how you can use digital marketing solutions and social media to appeal to millennials because that is the future of the industry,” says TeleDevelopment Call Center and BPO Support Services president Jon Kaplan.

Kaplan’s company has created (BCH), a new, revolutionary online job portal that bridges employers and potential employees in the information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry, saving them time, energy and resources.

This promising new service is currently the trusted online job portal of several third-party outsourcers, shared service centers, and global in-house contact centers. They’ve provided voice and non-voice talents to companies such as EGS, Convergys, Teletech, Sitel and CapitalOne.

More recently, has also become the official online job portal of The Philippine STAR’s Career Guide for its upcoming Career Guide Job Fair at the TriNoma Activity Center on Nov. 24 to 25. Their partnership promises a more efficient approach to applying and hiring for the BPO industry.


How BCH works

What makes efficient is that it works on the philosophy of “Reach, Teach, and Hire” to bridge employers and job applicants at a particular geographical area.

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From left to right: Epi Fabonan III (Philippine Star Journalist) and Jon Kaplan

“How do you reach out to the career shifters? How do you reach out to the OFWs to bring them back home? How do you reach out to young college students? How do you reach out to the provincial market? In order to do that, you have to have a much broader reach. The digital highway is the best way to do that and our job portal has always been focused on that niche,” Kaplan says, describing the principle behind

He adds that what makes the portal unique in this avenue is some of its virtual solutions such as online job fairs and virtual interviews.

“We encourage our customers to participate in online job fairs. For these job fairs, we create a microsite customized for each client within the BCH portal. We then have the ability to create a buzz about each of these companies in a specific geographical area by doing some geo-targeting of the population in that market,” Kaplan explains.

Such buzz, Kaplan adds, involves inbound marketing—getting job applicants interested in the careers or companies that are participating in the online job fairs. Once interested, BCH gets these applicants registered with the company’s microsite, from which the company can choose to either call the applicant or schedule and conduct a virtual interview.

“We have a tool in our portal that allows the company to schedule an interview with an applicant. We can do a many-to-one interview and have those recruiters and jobseekers meet face-to-face even though they are hundreds of miles away. We can send them a set of questions beforehand so we can assess their previous experience, skills, and personality. A lot of these tools are customized to our clients’ needs and offered as a bundled solution, enabling our clients to save time and resources. Plus, it’s an education process as well,” Kaplan says.

With a digital portal such as BCH, jobseekers don’t have to waste time searching for BPO jobs within his or her geographical area, preparing the necessary documents such as resumes and sample works, and appear for one-on-one interviews. For employers, the portal enables them to filter a huge volume of applicants to their specific job requirements without having to review physical documents and interviewing applicants one by one.

BCH reduces the need for queues at job fairs or companies’ human resource offices, and eliminates the need for job applicants to travel long distances just to get jobs they desire.

This is particularly one of the major concerns for Career Guide Job Fair, one of the largest and longest-running job events in the metro. With overwhelming attendance each time a fair is held, it’s a monumental task for  participating companies to sift through the enormous amount of applicants.

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With BCH participating in the upcoming job fair, BPO job applicants can pre-register in Career Guide’s microsite to avoid long queues at registration booths and immediately see which companies and what jobs are available to them at the fair. All they have to do is look their best, practice their interview answers, prepare the necessary documents and get the attention of potential employers.

“The partnership is very exciting because it allows both companies to capitalize on both platforms. We might attract them originally through print, but we can now also expose them digitally so we can take it from first impression to immediate interaction. BCH provides Career Guide a new digital platform that can enhance and increase response for its ads while at the same time support our client requirements and give us broader reach,” Kaplan says.