Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Fair



Job Fair

Today’s unemployment is easily addressed through the collaboration of the private sector and the government through Job Fairs


Job Fairs are where employees and talents meet under one roof. These events are a perfect opportunity for candidates to seek employers from different industries. Before heading out to a job fair, it is important to know the essentials and how to prepare for it:

Check the Job Fair details

Review the details of the job fair and plan ahead of time. The World Wide Web is at your disposal to do research. Read through the flyers and extract as much information that you can. Some job fairs allow you to pre-register online. Take advantage of this facility as queues can be really tedious.

Job Fairs are usually held in malls. If you are tight on budget, it is best to study the place itself.  Knowing the best economical food joints will work to your advantage. You can also properly allocate your allowance in terms of transportation.

Print many copies of your resume

After your research, you must already have an idea on the how many companies you are going to submit your resume to. Make sure to print more. You will never know the other opportunities until you are there. Prioritize the companies you are most interested in. Your extra copies of resumes can come in handy when you see other job openings that will pique your interest on the spot.

Come in Prepared

Arrive at least fifteen minutes ahead of the scheduled opening. This will allow you to compose yourself and face the possible employers with more confidence. The night before, make sure that your bag is ready with all the essentials – your resume, credentials, drinking water, light food provisions, and a pen.

If you are not familiar with the venue of the job fair, it is best to come earlier. Navigate your way through the place and know your direction. Observe where the nearest restrooms are, fire exits, and food establishments.

Dress Properly

First impressions do strike a recruiter’s eye. Coming into the Job Fair neat and presentable will increase your employability. Especially if you are applying for a position that requires you to be at your best grooming posture like sales and hospitality.

Some job fairs are in partnership with grooming and career consultancy agencies. From the event itself, you will find them providing applicants with tips on makeup, posture, and outfit suggestions.

Practice Your Career Pitch

Job Fairs are usually jam packed considering the number of unemployed in our population. Expect that it will be loud and queues will be long. The recruiters cannot spend too much time on one candidate given the situation. So be at your best and catch their attention with your first two sentences of your introduction.

Be ready to highlight your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Make it concise but meaningful. Always be mindful that the recruiter will not spend so much time with you – make that first impression last.

Have a notebook Handy

There are many jobs available and chances are, you are going to apply to many of them. Take down notes of the companies that you applied to. This way, you will not be muddled when one of them calls. Most of the time, companies conduct initial interviews only at job fairs. When you pass the screening process, you will either be sent to their main office or will give you a call for further instructions. Your notes can help you organize your job fair adventure.

Take Advantage of the Giveaways

Most job fair participants provide gift items for those who inquire at their booth. It can range from a foldable fan to a pen. Flyers are also given away so you can have a better understanding of the company. Collect them, so when they call or ask you to visit their main office, you will be better prepared with the company background.


These tips can help you a lot in job hunting at a job fair. The next PhilSTAR Career Guide JobFair is set on September 19 and 20 from 10AM to 5PM. It will be held at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City. To pre-register, go to