BLOG: Up the Corporate Ladder


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The past months of March, April and May does not only signify summer, but the annual surge of graduation rites. With the numerous students graduating from colleges and universities, there will also be an addition to the number of job seekers in the country.

And even without the new addition, they are already a competitive bunch.

Fresh graduates are often very practical, particularly those without work experience. Most of them are not expecting a fat paycheck for their first job in the corporate world. In fact, fresh graduates are more concerned with being hired than what they will be paid. After they’ve scored a job, only then they will worry about finding ways to advance in the company’s corporate ladder.

Of course, there are those who are fortunate enough to be offered a respectable job, a decent salary and opportunities for rapid career growth. They are the ones who are hired in the BPO and Contact Center industry.

The BPO and Contact Center industries entice job seekers with promises of an above-basic salary and rapid career advancement – and they deliver. The BPO industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Internationally, the Philippines is ranked among the top ten countries offering quality offshore-business activities.

More people are looking into the BPO and Contact Center industries for long term careers because they provide opportunities where the employee can move quickly and efficiently up the corporate ladder. An employee can be promoted from an agent to a Team Lead, and eventually a Manager. This can happen within a much shorter time than those who are not employed in the BPO and Contact Center industries.

Of course, professional growth will depend on the employee’s performance and overall work ethic. If an employee can produce commendable results while maintaining a positive attitude, one should expect to be rewarded for the effort and work invested. With each title that is presented to the employee, attached is a more attractive salary, better benefits but more responsibilities.

It’s no surprise that the BPO and Contact Center industries are able to draw in more applicants than other industries.

Although it’s simple enough to search for ways to advance one’s career and speed up its growth, the self-help articles that are readily available online, often point to the same thing: an employee must work hard to earn the promotion.

An employee shouldn’t expect to be promoted within days or weeks from their first day at work. Be patient. One must spend a considerable amount of time working at the bottom of the corporate ladder to know the inner workings of the company. Pay particular attention during orientations; most likely, the process and opportunities for career advancements will be discussed. Sometimes, success stories will be shared. If you have questions, it’s better to ask than to stay quiet about it. This would also give your employer the impression that you are interested in building a career with them and you’re not there because it’s a job that pays the rent or bills.

Spending time an as entry-level employee will also give you the chance to improve the skills that you will use now and later. Training is an essential step. Once you’re familiar with your responsibilities, observe the people around you and ask yourself: are you up for the jobs and responsibilities that your Team Lead is currently tasked with? Is that a yes? It doesn’t mean, however, that you should dictate how your Team Lead should do his or her job. Be supportive. Just prove that you’re a hard worker and a potential leader.

Working in the BPO and Contact Center industry can be daunting especially for those who are not equipped with prior experience. By being responsible, it would make the learning process so much easier. One should be flexible to the shifting schedule and always show up at work on time. Even if you’re just one employee out of a hundred, take extra care of your clients. If clients are growing in number, then it means that the company is gaining the trust and confidence of prospective and existing clients. Excellent service like what you provide is what the company needs. Show them you’re what the company needs.

Sometimes, however, working hard isn’t enough. One’s work ethic and attitude are also contributing factors.

Whether working for a call center or not, all employees are expected to be professional in the office setting. Follow the rules. Maintain a good relationship with your colleagues, superiors and other key members of the company. Despite being an entry-level employee, you should inspire and motivate your colleagues. Be seen as the example of a diligent employee with goals and a positive outlook . Be known for the right reasons. Be aware of what is happening but never meddle.

But first, in order to find the suitable career in the BPO and Contact Center industries, job seekers – with or without work experience – are encouraged to register at online job portals that specialize in the BPO and Contact Center industries like WeRK.PH (BCH). offers a wide range of careers from technical support and call center agents, to I.T., legal, medical transcriptionists, human resource, marketing officers, search engine optimizers, graphic artists, web designers and writers. With features like assessment tools and an archive of career counseling-related articles, it makes the recruitment process easier and more efficient.

Finding the right career can go a long way. And keeping these guidelines in mind would contribute to your professional growth and career development. Soon, you will be well on your way up the corporate ladder.

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