Recruiters Share Their Weirdest Job Interview Encounters



Have you ever had a super awkward interview before? Something that was so painfully embarrassing you just want to melt and dissolve into nothingness?

We all go through a lot of nerve-wracking job interviews and it’s pretty normal if you mess up a little because, come on, we are not perfect. There are just days when your tongue rolls backward and your brain forgets to function.

If you feel bad about an embarrassing interview encounter lately, maybe these stories can cheer you up and make you realize that you are not alone in this little awkward world we all live in.

Here are recruiters sharing their weirdest and funniest job interview encounters:

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1. The Not-So-Smooth Talker

I was gathering some info about the applicant when he suddenly asked, “May I have your personal number?” I said that we don’t provide personal information and he said, “Why not?” I accidentally dropped the call out of fear that he might be a stalker.


Phone Screener

2. The Eyeball

I had to usher an applicant to our recruitment hub so when I went downstairs in the ground floor, I called him up so that I could identify him among the crowd. I asked, “What are you wearing?” with an (I swear!) unintentional sultry, bedroom-ish voice and things got awkward pretty quickly but then he just calmly answered “Green.” Good thing he was nice and we just laughed it off! LOL!


Phone Screener

3. The Hugot Master

I was waiting for my applicant to text me back. When I finally I received a message, she said “Palagi na lng ako ang may kasalanan!” I texted her that she might have sent a wrong message and she did! But don’t worry, she was able to sort out her problem with the person that she’s texting.


Account Officer 


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4. The Narrative

I was like, “Tell me something about your college background.” The applicant said, “College… my graduation… it was fun… we went out, celebrated…”


Marketing Officer


5. The Family Reunion

Back in ‘07 when we had a partnership with the Local Government of General Trias. We brought a partner of ours for the very first time.

It was my  first time to interview someone face to face outside the office. I was so excited. The grin was wide and it couldn’t be removed.

Finally the screening process arrived. There was a little over a hundred that gathered outside the public school and they were all looking at us. They were buzzing like bees and they looked like they’re hungry to be given the yellow slip. The tension was so thick it could be sliced by a butter knife. Thirty minutes later, the first potential candidate for endorsement arrived. She did research about the company, has a clear diction, assertive, her dress was really there to impress, and her accent was not that evident. My first endorsement to the client has a strong fighting chance. So I gave her the slip and shared some tips. The applicant was so happy. So immediately she went back to show it to her family. They were all happy and hugging each other. Her parents decided approach me and express their gratitude. The Mother was giving me her merienda — Suman if my memory serves me right, and the Father insisted that we head over to the Bakery to buy some refreshments, but I respectfully declined. Everybody was so happy, they were even dancing and convincing others to have their interview done by me. And so I went back to my table to resume with processing other candidates, when I saw the Father walking towards my direction once again. The initial reaction that came to my head; “I am accepting the cold beverage out of respect, he must’ve exerted effort to buy one”. So as he becomes closer to my area, I smiled and set aside my things. Then he asked “Sir, totoo po ba na pang gabi yung trabaho ng anak ko?”, and I said “yes” to him politely. He thanked me and head back to his family. They all walked slowly and decided to leave the venue. Around 30 people left and almost made the room empty.



Recruitment Specialist

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6. The Dora

There was one particular applicant who was pretty unforgettable for me. I asked him why we wanted to work in a call center and he was like, “I want to explore myself.” And if you think that’s the worst part, he also added that he wants to explore other customers. Haha!




Better prepare for your interview next time! Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Good luck and may you find a great job opportunity without going through an embarrassing interview encounter!