What Keeps Me Going


By: Chylmir Vicente Aguila | RPM Account Manager – TeleDevelopment Services

A lot of people ask  what keeps me going?

People have left…. ( to seek what they think is better)

People transferred to different departments…. (to leave recruitment)

A lot of not so good things happened to me…. ( can happen anywhere)

Why still stay?

And why the same energy?

This is something I have to share with all of you.

I did not stay because of friends… (though it is a perk)

I did not stay because of the position… (we can get this with other companies)

I stayed because it is a chance to better the lives of others.

Recruitment is not a job for me…

Recruitment is a vocation…

People treat applicants as clients,

I look at it as an opportunity to help others.

Improving the lives of others is a great feeling (not only for you but for others as well.)

I was helped once, when I started out, and this kept me going ever since.

Paying it forward is how I look at it. Just by helping in my own little way, can help improve the lives of others. (Not only financially but, makes them change the way they feel about themselves).

Anywhere you go… there are a lot of negativities.

It is not the place or company that makes you better. (On the contrary, it is you that makes the workplace better.)

So what keeps me going… It is the positive opportunity to make life better.



Chylmir Vicente Aguila

Chylmir Vicente Aguila

About Vince Aguila

Vince started working at an early age in helping out with his family’s RTW store while in High School. He was entrusted to manage/supervise their family garments and silk screen business while in college. He soon left the family business to work as an employee (entry level) after graduation. He worked his way up from being a phone screener to an account officer at TeleDevelopment. Left the BPO industry and became part of internal HR , recruitment, and Training for 4 years. He was asked to go back to Teledevelopment to handle the new RPM project.




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