What’s Your Best Traffic Experience?


Tired of spending an eternity on the road? We share your sentiments, that is why we are being sarcastic in the title of this article. The traffic congestion nowadays has proven to be a hindrance to our productivity and has tested our patience to its limits.

We have to accept the fact that this problem cannot be addressed overnight. Several measures have to be undertaken, as such the President is asking for special powers be granted to him by Congress. So while we are patiently waiting for the developments to transpire, we gathered our office’s worse traffic experience to date.

traffic edsa

A monstrous traffic jam is a common sight along EDSA. Image courtesy of www.philstar.com

BCH’s Most Memorable Traffic Adventures

  • Left Boni at 7pm going to Pasay, it happened during the days of the blackout crisis in Manila. The traffic was so horrible we witnessed the sun’s first few rays and saw ourselves eating pandesal for breakfast inside the car. – Winnie Alcolea
  • I had a firsthand memorable experience during the EDSA revolution celebration. Most roads were closed. Most people started to disembark from the public transport as traffic was at a perfect standstill. Walked more than five kilometers trekking EDSA. – Ron Barcenas
  • You think Manila is the only place where you can experience hideous transportation absence in the Philippines? Here’s what Cyra Nerpiol has to say while she was in Iloilo: In the onslaught of typhoon Frank, classes were suspended and we have to go home. Spent a total of twelve hours waiting for a bus and transferring to a different one.
  • It’s a Friday, a payday, and the rain was pouring its best. The perfect concoction for heavy traffic were all in play. I was in BGC and need to go home to Rizal, it was 12 midnight. Taxi cabs decline my destination, Uber and Grab’s surge are ridiculous, and looking for public transport is futile. Finally got to Makati at around 1am. Lo and Behold, the queue for a shuttle was almost a kilometer long. Got home with the last ounce of my breath at past 3am.  – Roland Cerera
  • I usually sleep as soon as I embark a UV Express going to work. When I woke up, I checked the time and it has been two hours that I am on the road. Much to my surprise, I have only covered a little over two kilometers.  – Myk Domingo
  • Most roads were closed during the APEC Summit. I left the office (Robinson’s Equitable Tower) at 6pm on my way home to Laguna. I was really glad I was able to hop on an almost empty bus – time check: 7pm. I slept since I got really tired hunting for a public transport. I woke up and saw the time: 12:30am! I immediately checked my surroundings and we are still in Taguig. It’s starting to get really warm, I did not notice that the bus was already so full that the air-conditioning can no longer accommodate the warm bodies cramped inside. Got home at past 2am, I immediately took a shower and ate breakfast – I have to leave at 4am to report back to work. Maico Pagal
traffic congestion

Traffic knows no time of the day, six times a week.

These stories are all from our employees. There is one tale however that is too good not to tell. This one is from Sharon Ela – It was raining like crazy and the streets are flooded. I wrapped myself in a black trash bag to protect myself from the rain. After walking for around seven kilometers, with a tear in my eye, I finally saw a bus. Still wrapped in the plastic bag, the bus conductor refused to let me in thinking that I was a beggar. I left home a Tuesday, I got back home Wednesday.

We all have stories to tell. What’s yours? Well, you can dwindle your thumbs and get mad at the world. We do however want you to be more productive. Why not check the latest job postings? Check out this link www.werk.ph