What’s beyond the Comfort Zone might be Next Big Thing


By. Cyra P. Nerpiol

You found an opportunity. This could be a big break for you. You could be great at it.

But wait for it! There’s more. This opportunity lies way beyond your comfort zone.

And then all the uncertainties begin to take over your mind. Maybe you will not perform as great as how you imagined or what is expected of you. Maybe it’s not your turf at all. This career might be something people will judge you for taking.

Perhaps there are plenty of reasons for your uncertainties. However, big career opportunities don’t often fall under the category of comfort. Oftentimes, you would think they might even be unachievable for you. Don’t fret! Remember, you’ll never unleash your truest potential in your comfort zone. Go for it! These steps will help you to finally strike that hot iron!

Where is that fear really coming from?

It’s easy to be afraid when you finally take that step outside your comfort zone. It’s even easier to convince yourself that those reasons are totally spot on.

But having a realistic vision of your strength is far from letting your insecurities guide you to make decisions. It’s time to ask yourself, “Can I actually do this? Or am I afraid of rejection and failure?” Take time to reflect and understand your fear a little further.

Fear should not be your co-pilot towards making decisions. Rather, it should be excitement, information, and wide understanding to accompany you to change path and explore the great beyond.

Hoard correct information

When you are well-informed, you build your plan around the facts that you have learned. It can make up for a sound decision secondary to having valid reasons as to why you have decided in the first place.

Surround yourself with people who have experience in the field. Talk to your school counselor, go online and perform research from various references. You’ll be surprised of the things you can learn and the support you’ll get from different kinds of people.

No worry, be happy

Embracing change is a handful, even so for the people around you especially your family and closest friends. Normally, a peculiar or ambitious career choice can be a cause of concern for them. They might even think it’s a crazy decision! Save them the distress by narrowing down the correct information you’ve gathered and open it up. After all, your family and friends are after your well-being but your happiness is primary to them. So tread lightly, counselor!

Strike what needs striking

When you’re ready, take one step at a time. Steps may include telling people closest to you about it, applying for courses that will help you strengthen your skills required for the career opportunity, or letting social media announce it for you.

Whatever it is, always visualize what you want to achieve and do the things that can make you closer to that goal. Keep that motivation pumping and don’t just strike it, strike it good!